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Thanks to Simon Lorenz for the photo

It’s a very hot summer day, a scorcher. You lean back in a wooden chair covered with a big red beach towel, looking up at the bright blue, cloudless sky. Little beads of sweat form on your forehead and begin to trickle down the side of your face and cheeks. On the small wooden table next to you is a big, luscious orange. It’s skin is ripe and shining, a reflection of the sun has almost formed on the dimpled surface. It is cool to the touch, soothing your hot and sticky fingertips. For a second, you hold out the orange, stop to admire the lively color and flawless shape. You start digging at the outer skin with your thumbnail almost frantically, unable to wait for the refreshment that the fruit will provide. The invigorating smells perks up you senses and energizes you. Cool liquid spurts from the fruit while the pieces are separated. The taste is refreshing, tangy, and incredibly delicious. As you bite down harder, more pockets of juice open and fill your mouth with pure pleasure, which makes all the effort worthwhile. The feeling is rejuvenating and your eyes light up. Your smile widens with every bite. Your taste buds tingle and you repeat the sensation again and again, piece after piece, until the orange is gone.

This is how I try to live. In fact, I have been using the phrase “live juicy” for almost 25 years after discovering it on one of Sark’s postcards in a neighborhood shop. The passage above is the opening paragraph of a vision statement I wrote for myself in 1999. As long as I can remember, I have used my design skills to create the life I want to live. I also use creative problem solving skills to tackle challenges I confront in all aspects of my life. Designers learn quickly to trust in the process, because good inputs and process will inevitably lead to good results, even if you can’t see what’s around the corner.

If you’re interested in my professional background as an industrial designer or my other projects, here are a few resources:

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  • A recent pdf version of my resume
  • An (old) pdf of design projects
  • A (reasonably up to date) pdf listing speaking engagements, media coverage, and press with links