It feels appropriate to set my intention for this blog before I start writing, as if I’m beginning a yoga class. Many have suggested over the years that I give this a try, but until now I haven’t had a clear enough vision to overcome inertia and get started. My intentions are as follows:

  • Refine my beliefs and theories about applying design to life by committing them to print and engaging in open dialogue
  • Project myself clearly and attract like-minded people from whom I can learn
  • Help others imagine different ways of being and perhaps in some small way alter the way they think

Whenever someone asks me to define industrial design, I usually say “it’s basically architecture for everything but buildings”. Of course, the creative problem solving skills and design process that we learn in school are invaluable for this purpose, but they can also be applied to much more than products and services. I try to apply these methodologies to many aspects of my personal life. For the moment, I will loosely categorize my posts as either Outward or Inward. Outward posts will focus on applying design to experiences, interactions, etc. Inward posts will focus on behavior change, self discovery and wellness among other things. Without a doubt, this experiment will evolve over time and take me in unexpected directions. Thanks for taking the time to visit and participate in the process!

If you’re interested in the Reliants Project, you can find it here.