Introducing The Reliants Project

Recently, I’ve been building up my understanding of social network analysis (SNA) so I can help myself and others build and maintain more resilient personal networks. I’ve learned how to graph my social network and the impact that quality relationships have on your life. Now I’m hoping to incorporate these skills and interests into my work more directly.

I wanted to say thank you for your willingness to respond to my repeated requests over the last several months; filling out surveys, testing newsletters and sharing content with your network. Every little bit helps and I wanted to share some of the valuable outcomes you have helped make possible so far.
People who made direct introductions have helped me:

  • Connect with 20+ potential collaborators
  • Find 7 podcast guests
  • Identify 3+ advisory opportunities with companies that are trying to solve important problems using networks

People who shared The Reliants Project content on social media have helped me:

  • Secure a guest blog post on The Relationships Project, which will help build awareness around the importance of networks with people that are working on social problems
  • Get interviewed by an author writing a book on male loneliness, an issue that is near and dear to my heart
  • Build a newsletter subscriber list, 55% of whom I didn’t know before

People who provided a platform for me to talk about my work have helped me:

  • Meet almost 100 people so far who are interested in The Reliants Project
  • Speak at 6 events, which really helps me improve how I talk about my work

As an exciting next step, I’ve decided to take a part-time sabbatical. It will start Oct 1st 2020 and run through at least March of next year. This will allow me to continue working on some of the interesting network projects and pilots I’ve started with work, but also dedicate more time to The Reliants Project and some of the opportunities it is surfacing. If you know anyone that might be interested in what I’m working on, I’d love an introduction!